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KI CHANGES is the website of Pam Goodall in Plymouth, UK. A variety of spiritual items are included. All is given in love, light and peace.

Ki (pronouced key) or Chi or Prana all mean Life Force so this website is about making changes to enhance your life and how this could help you. It lets you know about me and the services I can provide. This could be the Key to help you in your spiritual quest.

When you read anything on my site - it is my belief. Everyone takes their own path and you should go with your gut feeling, your intuition to see if you agree with me. However, this is true for anything you read or hear wherever you are and whoever is speaking.


In these trying times try to stay in as high a vibration as you can, so that anything of a lower vibration e.g. coronavirus cannot enter your body. So pray, meditate, sing, chant, dance, anything that increases your consciousness and keeps it high. I send love and healing to you all. This is a temporary situation and it will pass.


(to read these channellings, see page - Channellings 2020

18th April 2020 - David, King David of the Bible.

5th April, 2020 - Merlia - The Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love


I am delighted that all 3 of my books are now available in paperback or ebook versions from Amazon.

Book One contains my channellings from the Arcturians and information on the Arcturians.

Book Two contains more channellings from the Arcturians and information on the Arcturians, plus information on channeling.

Book Three contains my channellings from Angels and other higher entities, plus information on channeling and a glossary of the higher energies who sent channellings.

All channellings are still relevant to the present time.

All 3 books now available from,, etc

Book One, two and Three Paperback versions £5.95 each.

Books One, Two and Three eBook versions £4.95 each.

The front covers are my channelled paintings.

All is given in love to aid you and Earth/Gaia.


I have two pages you might be interested in. They are:

Ki Changes


Healers for Gaia


I am still in awe when I look at the statistics for this website and am amazed and delighted at how many fabulous people have looked at it. I do hope it has been useful. So many people from all around the world. I am overwhelmed with love and blessings to you all. Thank you.

Love Light Peace


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