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Love Light Peace


Time to Create

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 9:06 AM Comments comments (68)

18 March 2017 - Time to Create
Hello we are the Arcturians.  This is a time of creation.  A time for each and every one of you to create, to manifest.  This time has been waiting for you to be ready.  Of course, some were already ready and create as they go.  But now is the time for everybody to create.  So create.  Create your dreams, create your future by being in the Now.
When you create you speak as though you already have what you choose to create.  You can only create in the now, so watch your words and phrases.  When you say "wish for, hope for, want to happen"  and many other similar things, they only keep  you wanting.  For all these words are looking to the future.  You cannot create in the future when you are here and now.
So create in the now, today, not tomorrow.  Create by saying such thing as "I am happy  and healthy, I have my house".  When you speak of having then you create.
However remember that as humans you tend to stop creation.  And how do you do that, You do it by thinking "well it's not happening".  When you think or say negative words against creation, then there is no creation.
You can of course create material things, but as higher beings in the 5th dimension think about what all of you can create together.
You could create a clean ocean, love all over the planet, happiness and harmony in all people and peace on the planet.
So what do you choose to manifest, to create?  You can, of course, do both. Live well, live wisely and in creation.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall


Posted on June 30, 2014 at 9:24 AM Comments comments (429)
Life is certainly full of changes at the moment.  I was supposed to be having an operation on 13/6/14, that was cancelled and put for the 27th, then that one was cancelled too.  Now on antibiotics as have an ear and throat infection. 

However, it would seem at the moment there are lots of changes being made to our bodies as we go to higher dimensions and I am told this is why I cannot have an operation at this particular time. It will happen, but at the right time. 

What a lesson this is.  Teaching me to be patient and to know that all things happen when they are supposed to and that Everything is Perfect in the Now.  Sometimes even those that are supposed to know, need to be reminded and that is what is happening to me.  Love and laughter.