Love Light Peace


Manifest thoughts of continuous gentle rain over all the drought areas in the world.

Manifest thoughts of clean drinking water for all people in the world.

Manifest thoughts of a bowl of food for each hungry person in the world.

An aerial view shows the massive size of a refugee encampment.

I have had this thought for a few days which is urgent and real. My guides have asked me to ask you all to help.

For just 5 minutes each day will you please think about manifesting a bowl of food and a container of pure water for each person who is starving or dehydrated.

I am told that we can each do this for more than one person. If many of us join together and manifest this for those in hunger, maybe we could feed the world.

Yogis manifest coins; spirit and angels manifest feathers; why can't we manifest too for the good of the world.

Jesus manifested and fed the 5000, let's feed the starving people of the world.

If all lightworkers in the world joined together we could make it happen.


Another 5 minutes of your time could help to manifest rain over the drought areas. However, the rain needs to be fairly gentle but persistent to infiltrate the dry ground. 

Please ask all your contacts if they will help. Thank you so much.